Your career at LionGate

Who is LionGate?

LionGate was founded in 2005 by experienced consultants and is experiencing healthy sustainable annual growth. We serve our clients throughout Europe, primarily in the German metropolitan areas of Munich and Düsseldorf. Our head office is in Munich. We focus on the telecommunications, media, energy, banking and insurance industries.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Our main competitors are small consulting firms and system integrators. This is where we stand out. On the one hand, we understand the technical requirements of our customers; on the other hand, we are able to develop solutions from them that we also operate for our customers.

Which subject areas do we cover?

Our focus is on requirements and process management. We feel comfortable in marketing and IT. We also implement major change initiatives aimed at optimizing the bottom line, costs or capital deployment.

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Our culture

Our togetherness

We support each other without conditions, elbows or politics. We enjoy entrepreneurial freedom with flat hierarchies. Fairness, trust and integrity are high values of our cooperation. Together we work with enthusiasm on excellent and practicable solutions. We sometimes swim against the current, but always remain highly professional – we make a difference. We experience and feel the highs and lows of our entrepreneurship: We celebrate our debut together, projects, Christmas and the summer.

Our Personal Development

We are individual personalities. We all want to grow. Our company offers an exceptional education. We offer international project experience, even in Jamaica. Our company is open to all life models.

Our values

How do we define entrepreneurship?

Our company is and remains owned by the board members.
All together, we form a team in which everyone can make a difference and which actively shapes the further development of our company.
We also assume entrepreneurial responsibility beyond our consulting business.

How do we define independence?

We have a clear opinion and always have economic value in mind. We do not follow short-term trends. We give our clients security and keep them from making mistakes. The idea of value creation is deeply rooted in us. We always advise our customers as if they were our own company.

Social responsibility

We see ourselves as a company with a social responsibility. Instead of Christmas presents for our customers, we get involved where people really need it. We support the Lebenshilfe foundation. We support the D-Jugend des DJK Tura 05 Dümpten e.V..

When career and

passion come together

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