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To generate usable benefits from your data is our task. We create transparency with process mining and optimize your digital customer interaction on all contact channels by means of self-learning machines.

LionGate shows you the way from unstructured collection to the targeted use of your data to generate added value. Data is the new gold to be mined. To lift the treasure trove of contents out of the jumble of unstructured data from your processes is a challenging task. We have gained extensive expertise from numerous Advanced Analytics projects and support you with process mining to identify competitive advantages from your company data.

The key to efficient corporate management is transparency of the key figures (KPI). Large amounts of data (big data) only help those who can collect and consolidate them quickly and economically, who can bundle them, enrich them and subject them to intelligent analysis. The pure backwards view of partly outdated Business Intelligence Systems (BI) holds a high error potential. Advanced Analytics, on the other hand, does not just look back, but includes the expected future thanks to data-based predictions.

BI from past values + forecast ➔ Advanced Analytics

This allows you as an entrepreneur and decision maker to identify successful segments and critical deviations that point to problem areas at an early stage.

Advanced Analytics presents us with four challenges:

  1. Volume: The amount of data to be evaluated is very large and can range from terabytes to exabytes. It is stored as Data at Rest and is searched using fast analysis tools.
  2. Velocity: Data in Motion is dynamically moved through the Internet. Velocity means the input speed of the data.
  3. Variety: There are many different types of data. Structured and unstructured data, text, images as well as videos can provide valuable information.
  4. Veracity: Questionable data must be validated in order to detect deceptions, incompleteness and ambiguities. We verify that your data is secure and valid.

Technically we implement our projects on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a 100% certified AWS partner, the cloud services offered by the market leader give us the necessary elasticity and computing power. Here we can quickly and securely design a freely scalable data warehouse for you. In parallel, we use API interfaces to ensure that your system architecture enables the automated collection and consolidation of your data from different sources.

In terms of content and strategy, our Data Scientists support you in generating additional value from your data and making it tangible. Thanks to analytical intelligence, you gain fast and usable insights that immediately show you potential opportunities and risks in your daily business.

Advanced Analytics is particularly effective in combination with Customer Interaction and Digital Process Automation, two further core businesses of LionGate. Our data flow analyses help to identify and implement optimisations in the digital interaction with customers and processes. We focus on the customer and your competitive advantages. Become a goldminer and mobilize your entrepreneurial capacity with LionGate.

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