We rely on cloud solutions and, as a 100% AWS-certified partner, use the best provider for you. This allows you fast, agile and scalable solutions at predictable costs.

The competition is picking up enormous speed. The dynamics of digitalization are washing new, innovative business ideas forward at a breathtaking pace, while at the same time jeopardizing older, rigid models that lack flexibility and responsiveness.

LionGate shows you how to recognize the huge potential of this development and how to use it optimally for yourself and your own growth.

Cloud solutions are the fastest and most flexible way to constructively address these dynamics. That’s why we at LionGate have chosen the market leader in cloud services. All of our employees are certified for Amazon Web Services. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we can propose and implement highly individual solutions for your business project quickly, agilely, customer-oriented and flexibly. Everything set up and developed in the cloud, fully scalable at all times. This high availability ensures even your most expansive growth strategy. Innovative services such as Netflix, Spotify and Instagram are also based on cloud technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Detached from the dependencies of old system environments, we use the unbeatable innovation speed of various developers and put together your tailor-made solution in the shortest time possible. We keep pace with the development for you. We guarantee to start within three months with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), i.e. a first operational product, which serves as the basis for further agile development. Forget the long-term cycles of the past, start fresh and independent with LionGate.

Our product range always includes solutions for the development, operation and optimisation of your business processes in the cloud, i.e. cloud solutions as a full managed service. This gives you room to concentrate on your business, and we take care of the rest competently and reliably.

All requirements from German and European data protection regulations (DSGVO) are ensured in the german computing center of AWS in Frankfurt. LionGate shows you a safe way to your potential for growth. Let us inspire and accompany you.

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