Services over Platforms

We save you expensive, inflexible monoliths! Thanks to an open system architecture and the use of APIs, we can tailor the required services to meet your requirements precisely and sparingly. This is the only way to tap the full potential of digitization.

The speed of innovation is increasing massively. Innovations in the form of digitalized services or micro-services are emerging at a breathtaking pace, making it difficult for the individual to keep track of the situation. Closed systems, proprietary developments and monoliths with their dependencies are being overtaken left and right. Systems from large vendors that were expensive yesterday may be slow and outdated tomorrow.

LionGate contrasts this with openness. This `Openess┬┤ stands for an open system architecture, open API interfaces, open source programming. Access to the latest developments at any time, short development and release cycles, extreme scalability of computer performance.

With our collaboration network, we put together the best mix of openly available tools for you and orchestrate it perfectly to meet the requirements of your customers and your business model. Together with you, LionGate creates a product that is capable of continuously integrating, mastering and controlling any services. This continuous further development can be realized at comparatively low costs. We are happy to offer you the concept of full managed services: You take care of the core of your business, we take care of the rest.

Take advantage of the dynamics of digitalization for yourself and your business. The potential is huge. Let’s talk about your efficient way there.

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